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What a world! A selection of games with a large game world

A selection of games that will truly delight the size of the game world, even the most ardent game critic! Ready?" Then put a like and let's go!


You will have to dive into the the atmosphere of an apocalyptic world filled with swarming zombie squads. You are a kind of experiment made in a laboratory that will have to fight with mutants that have filled the city. The game will definitely appeal to fans of games with a lot of fun world.


The game is a multiplayer shooter with an incredible plot and cool gameplay. The game has a huge well-developed game world. The game is perfect for fans of the genre online shooter.


The game is a kind of clone of "Diablo". It is noteworthy that the game was created by a company of developers who left Blizzard. The game also features a multiplayer mode, and the open large game world does not it will make you bored.


Perhaps there is no game world more than in "GTA 5". The game is a third-person action Game that takes place in a city called Los Santos. And if you are a fan of the incredible plot in mixing with a large open world then you should clearly opt for "GTA 5".

NFS Underground 2

Frying fans of racing games, you can opt for NSF. this is a great racing game with a big open world suitable perhaps for every fan of night racing.It is noteworthy that the game is still in great demand.

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind

If You are a big fan of RPG games then you should definitely play "the Elder Scrolls Morrowind". There is everything here: a large open game world, one million game quests, and a unique plot.

Fallout 4

Do you already know what the post-Apocalypse is? If you are a big fan of really huge game worlds, then you need to get this unique in its genre game from no less iconic developers "Bethesda".

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