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The best atmospheric games. Part one

One of the important components of many games is the atmosphere and some games losing in the plot or game mechanics, often became top-class just because of the atmosphere. Many players they can speculate on the topic of atmosphere in different games and each opinion will be based solely on the point of view of the player and therefore it is simply impossible to say exactly what kind of game will suit you for this parameter.

In this selection of the best atmospheric games, we will try to present you different projects that in our strictly personal opinion, they are very good and addictive games. If we say in General what the atmosphere in the game is, then it is a certain set of different factors (gameplay, music, weather, objects, beautiful and possibly gloomy environment) that the developers have collected in a place in such a way that you feel a certain euphoria from what is happening on the screen.

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Dark Souls Series

The Dark Souls series has long been a kind of hardcore game idol and if you add to its complexity quite a beautiful and gloomy environment, then it turns out quite an atmospheric game. The main task will be the destruction of various nechest, from small NPCs to huge monsters, and do not expect that it will be easy. This game is very suitable for those who like difficulties and hopes only for their own skills.

Dishonored Series

This game is from the category of adventure stealth actions, in which the player will have to learn a rather interesting and confusing story. The game is designed in a pretty cute mix of steam punk and fantasy, and a good plot, colorful characters and good fighting mechanics will bring you unforgettable hours of play


Horror with puzzles is a pretty good genre in our opinion, and if it is also backed up with a good storyline, it doubly adds to the game's interest. In Soma, you will be immersed in an oppressive atmosphere of horror and fear, and the action of the game will take place on a deep-water station, where machines have found intelligence and are trying to destroy all life. If you are a fan of similar games, we recommend that you complete the Soma game in full, as well recall that this game is developed by a Studio that previously created such good games as Penumbra and Amnesia.

Little Nightmares

A relatively new game with a pretty cute and at the same time gloomy picture. You will have to play for 9 a year-old girl with a strange estate "Six" who got into a creepy place called "the Womb". The main character will have to get out of this creepy but very atmospheric place. We will be armed with the ability to hide, jump, grab, drag, light up very dark places with a lighter and of course hug dwarves like without this. The game contains various puzzles and monsters that try to catch the girl, the main task will be to get out of this creepy place.

Alan Wake

An action adventure Thriller will tell you about the story a writer named Alan Wake, who came to the town of bright falls where the characters in his books mysteriously came to life. Quite an interesting game with its own features of the plot and environment. The action of the game will unfold like a TV series and in each new series we are waiting for new discoveries, puzzles, monsters and much more.

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